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2022-11-27 20:02
Number of task definitions found: 19
Task Definition ID 1Title 2Framework ID 3Parameters 4EditDelete
Hello Who Are YouHello Who Are YouHello Who Are YouUSER_NAMEEditDelete
ape_cc_emptyTest Control Center using APE, empty DBape_ccPYTHONEditDelete
build_ccBuild Control Center wheelbuild_ccEditDelete
build_wraptreeBuild WrapTree using MSVCbuild_wraptreeEditDelete
build_wraptree_mingwBuild WrapTree using MinGWbuild_wraptree_mingwEditDelete
coverageGenerate a coverage reportcoverageEditDelete
git_export_apeExport APE code from Gitgit_export_apeGIT_REVISIONEditDelete
git_export_ccExport Control Center code from Gitgit_export_ccGIT_REVISIONEditDelete
git_export_trExport Task Runner code from Gitgit_export_trGIT_REVISIONEditDelete
git_export_wraptreeExport WrapTree code from Gitgit_export_wraptreeGIT_REVISION, PRUNEEditDelete
git_export_wraptree_testsExport WrapTree tests from Gitgit_export_wraptree_testsGIT_REVISION, PRUNEEditDelete
javadocTask Runner API DocsjavadocEditDelete
lint_apeCheck APE code with PyLintlint_apeEditDelete
lint_ccCheck Control Center code with PyLintlint_ccEditDelete
test_wraptreeTest WrapTreetest_wraptreeEditDelete
typecheck_apeType-check APE code with mypytypecheck_apePYTHONEditDelete
typecheck_ccType-check Control Center code with mypytypecheck_ccPYTHONEditDelete
unittest_apeRun APE unit tests with pytestunittest_apePYTHONEditDelete
unittest_ccRun Control Center unit tests with pytestunittest_ccPYTHONEditDelete

Final parameters are not shown in the table above. If you follow one of the task definition name links, you are taken to the task definition details page which lists all parameters.

For help about frameworks or task definitions read the document Framework and Task Definitions.