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2023-02-05 03:47
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Hello Who Are You--all suitable Task Runners are unavailable-Abort
Task Hello Who Are You is part of Job: 220103-1030-0082
TitleHello Who Are You
DescriptionThis wrapper demonstrates and tests the Human Interventions Point (HIP) feature. If not supplied with a name as parameter USER_NAME the wrapper will wait in a HIP for the user to enter his name in a dialog box on the executing machine simulating a manual operation of some test equipment. In case the USER_NAME is supplied the wrapper will not start a HIP. Wait at maximum 2 days for the execution or abort it.
FrameworkHello Who Are You
Task definitionHello Who Are You
Timeout2880 minutes
Task Runner selection-
Task Runner as SF_TR with capabilities: HIP
Task Hello Who Are You consumes the following inputs:
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Task Hello Who Are You produces the following outputs:
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