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2023-03-25 11:28
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2022-03-14 10:30376d 00:58:00Hello who are youhans
Job 220314-1030-02B7 was created from configuration Hello who are you and contains 1 task:
TaskStart TimeDurationSummaryRunnerAbort
Hello Who Are You--all suitable Task Runners are unavailable-Abort

Abort all waiting tasks

Abort all unfinished tasks

User-specified comment:

On the Task Runner executing this task the user is requested to identify himself in a dialogbox. In this time the task is waiting in a Human Intervention Point (HIP) that is represented by a yellow color.
Job uses the following parameters:
Hello Who Are YouUSER_NAME

Final parameters are not shown in the table above. If you follow one of the task name links, you are taken to the task info page which lists all parameters.