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2021-08-04 11:25
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2020-09-03 00:4314:28CI Control Centerhans
Job 200903-0243-32F5 was created from configuration CI Control Center and contains 7 tasks:
TaskStart TimeDurationSummaryRunner
git_export_cc2020-09-03 00:432Exported revision 8f7f7a1b1f6a697c84aab8e7264c0d322439d5b5Maarten-1
ape_cc_empty2020-09-03 00:431:1778 pages checked, 78 passed, 0 failedMaarten-1
build_cc2020-09-03 00:442Wheel built and uploadedMaarten-1
lint_cc2020-09-03 00:443:58PyLint found no issuesMaarten-1
typecheck_cc2020-09-03 00:4815mypy found 0 errorsMaarten-1
unittest_cc2020-09-03 00:498:320 failedMaarten-1
coverage2020-09-03 00:578Coverage report generatedMaarten-1

User-specified comment:

This configuration is triggered by a Git push of the CC and does everything necessary in the CI cycle.

Update your factory by entering on the command line in a Python virtual environment (venv):
> pip install <URL to wheel>
Checks to be run on a push to the SoftFab repository.
Job produces the following 3 outputs:
OutputLocal atProducerLocator
Job uses the following parameters:

Final parameters are not shown in the table above. If you follow one of the task name links, you are taken to the task info page which lists all parameters.