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2023-03-25 11:23
Resource TypeDescription
Task RunnerSoftFab task execution agent
RepositoryVersion control repository

Resources of type Task Runner:

Number of resources matching: 5 of 8
Ceres 2HIP, gitlost
Jupiter 1HIP, git, windowslost
Jupiter DevHIP, git, windowslost
Maarten-1git, linux, mingw, poetrylost
Raspberry 3git, jdklost
Number of capabilities found: 7
CapabilityProvided by ResourcesRequired for Tasks
HIPCeres 2, Jupiter 1, Jupiter DevHello Who Are You
gitCeres 2, Jupiter 1, Jupiter Dev, Maarten-1, Raspberry 3git_export_ape, git_export_cc, git_export_tr, git_export_wraptree, git_export_wraptree_tests
jdkRaspberry 3javadoc
poetryMaarten-1ape_cc_empty, build_cc, coverage, lint_ape, lint_cc, typecheck_ape, typecheck_cc, unittest_ape, unittest_cc
windowsJupiter 1, Jupiter Devbuild_wraptree, test_wraptree